Stay Safe

  • Admin
  • 04 Feb 2019

Stay safe out there today! Getting in an accident in this type of weather can turn your life upside down in seconds. That’s why my team is available 24/7 to help you through it. After you call the police, call Gosdis Law immediately so we can deal appropriately with the insurance companies and get you medical care. Call 801-200-1578.

Gosdis Law is a Utah personal injury law firm. If you have sustained injuries in a car accident in Salt Lake City or any other Utah location, you need to retain a Utah car accident lawyer. You are entitled to compensation. Gosdis Law will help you recover it, including compensation for your past medical bills; future medical bills; past pain and suffering; future pain and suffering; past lost wages; future lost wages; and property damage. Call us today at (385) 429-9960; text message at (801) 200-1578; or e-mail to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Utah car accident lawyer. Or visit our office at 5085 South State Street, Murray Utah 84107.